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Songs Written By Stuart Olds

1. MIXED UP MOD (3:19)
THIS SONG I wrote with my love of motorbikes, scooters and all others, and my love of different genres of music.

Strongly influenced by the unique album Quadrophenia by The Who, joining our rivalry of Mod and Rocker with a new genre of music, Max RPM, Rock - Punk - Mod.

Lyrics & Vocals - Stuart Olds
Guitar Riff, Intro & Bass - Darren Hook
Lead Guitar - Rob Benger
Drums - Jake Branton
2. FILFEE TOWN (2:56)
I WROTE this song after a three month stint working on a hotel refurbishment in the city of London.

The Chamberlain Hotel had an Alice in Wonderland mural painting in the lounge at its first opening. I stuck this massive painting to the ceiling with the help of Russian, Latvian, Estonian and British assistance. This is where the lyric, 'Under the King and Alice so sweet' came from.

This hand painted canvas has now been removed. The rest of the song is about a sex club which was located in the basement of a bar where I used to send faxes back to the offices in Bristol.

Lyrics & Vocals - Stuart Olds
Lead & Rhythm Guitar - Rob Benger
Drums - Jake Branton
Bass - Darren Hook
3. DO YOU MIND? (3:51)
A SONG about a hard working bloke.

He just wants to watch his beloved sport, loves his wife, partner, lover, but is sick of bullshit reality T.V.

Lyrics & Vocals - Stuart Olds
Bass - Darren Hook
Lead Guitar - Rob Benger
Drums - Jake Branton
4. DAISY (3:30)
DAISY IS our flagship song about a prostitute from eastern Europe who falls in love with a London bricklayer.

Their story is the hub of the whole debut album and core for the rock opera to come. I know a builder who fell for a hooker, so this is lightly based on a true story. It spells out how immigration helped and hindered the building trades.

As always, greed fucked things up and people lost their jobs. Arguments in pubs between builders and public sector workers, its all there in the play / rock opera. The end of this song leads out with a solo and percussion which has gone on for ten minutes; this part will become 'The Dance of the Hippy Whores'.

Lyrics, Vocals & Tambourine - Stuart Olds
Lead Guitar & Solo - Rob Benger
Bass & Acoustic Guitar - Darren Hook
Drums & Percussion - Jake Branton
5. RNR (2:45)
A SONG written about the major deaths in rock and roll.

Some may find these lyrics blunt if it's about their musical hero, but facts are facts. Us artists are sometimes on the edge and fragile.

Believe me I know as a straight jacket collector on more than one occasion. But that is what makes us us, 'Guilt, guilt, fuckin' guilt, that's how rock n roll was built'. Ask Mr Johnny Cash.

Lyrics & Vocals - Stuart Olds
Lead Guitar - Rob Benger
Bass - Darren Hook
Drums - Jake Branton
6. POGO (2:31)
THIS WAS my first ever song and was originally called We' We'.

I performed this original song over 10 years ago with a group called The Cockpits. Mike Bradley kindly gave me the stage for my first foray into the world of old geezers 'doin' a bit'.

It is basically a load of sexual innuendos to get the crowd going and the girls pogoing their Bristols.

Lyrics & Vocals - Stuart Olds
Lead Guitar - Rob Benger
Bass - Darren Hook
Drums - Jake Branton
7. BLIND (2:11)
IF ANYONE thinks that preaching hate and war by any religious or politically motivated means is a good thing, then they are not welcome in the world's oldest democracy.

Plus the do-gooder bullshit PC politicians who allow them to get away with it. So Blind is about just that.

We are not blind to this shite, which is now being cleared from our streets. At last!! They knew revolution was brewing so the suits took action, albeit slowly.

Lyrics & Vocals - Stuart Olds
Lead Guitar - Rob Benger
Bass - Darren Hook
Drums - Jake Branton
Stuart Olds photographed by Dan Bernard
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